About Salimah Valiani


Salimah Valiani is a poet, an activist and a researcher. She is the 2012 recipient of the Feminist Economics Rhonda Williams Prize – for her work reflecting Rhonda Williams’ legacy of scholarship and activism.
She has published three books and several policy papers.
Two collections of poetry:
Letter Out : Letter In   http://www.inanna.ca/letter_over.html
One research monograph:  
Rethinking Unequal Exchange: the global integration of nursing labour markets
Her most recent policy papers can be accessed at the website of the Ontario Nurses’ Association, the largest front line nurses’ union in Canada and her current place of employment:  www.ona.org/research

12 responses to “About Salimah Valiani

  1. glad to the first one on your site
    Great work and keep it up.
    looking forward to more of your creative work

  2. A world traveller. A woman with many talents, very charismatic, a poet, a progressive activist promoting Social Justice, Workers’ Rights, Human Rights and equality for all.

    It is my pleasure to be part of her life.

  3. I read the poem penned by you, it is really touching and vivid in it’s ability to relive that moment etched in creative canvas !! Keep it up !!!

  4. ma belle Salimah, ton poème Toast me touche, non, il me heurte, en faisant remuer au creux de mon ventre toute la violence et l’horreur qu’il m’a fallu absorber pendant les années que j’ai passées à Joburg … continue de dire, tu rappelle ces souvenirs et m’inspire à continuer d’agir!

  5. Badruddin Gowani

    Badruddin Gowani

    Dear Salimahji,
    Hi! Tamein kem chho,

    My name is Badruddin Gowani and I write articles and poems on historical, political, social, and religious issues.

    The following links will give you some idea about who I am and my writing:

    Democracy: Everywhere and Nowhere

    Let There Be No Light

    Why So Much Hatred Toward Women?


    The book which I have just started is about one hundred women, and I would like you to be a part of this book.

    Some of the participants are:

    Ann McCoy (artist, US)
    Jesamyn Angelica (priestess, US)
    Judy Chicago (painter, US)
    Soe Tjen Marching (academic, Indonesia)
    Valarie Kaur (filmmaker, US)
    Missy Comely Beattie (war critic, US)
    Shonali Bose (film maker, US)
    Michelle Cook (activist, US)
    Nandita Das (actress, India)
    Sheema Kirmani (dancer, Pakistan)
    Kathleen Christison (CIA agent, US)
    Julie R. Enszer (feminist, US)
    Bama Faustina (writer, India)
    Lluwannee George (activist, Australia)
    Huma Ahmed-Ghosh (Professor, US)
    Shabnam Hashmi (activist, India)
    Allison HedgeCoke (poet, US)
    Kavita Krishnan (editor, India)
    Soraida Martinez (painter/activist, US)
    Matuschka (photographer, US)
    Hamida Merchant (teacher, US)
    Isabelle Sanz (painter, Spain)
    Asra Q. Nomani (journalist, US)
    Bushra Rehman (poet, US)
    Sonya Rehman (journalist, Pakistan/US)
    Starr Saffa (healer, Australia)
    Malikka Sarabhai (dancer, India)
    Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai (spoken word artist, China/Taiwan/US)
    Neelima Sharma (writer, India)
    Cindy Sheehan (activist, US) (her son died in Iraq)
    Nahid Siddiqui (dancer, UK)
    Joanne Arnott (poet, Canada)
    Anita Singh (India)
    Tinet Elmgren (painter, Germany)
    Nalini Taneja (CPI-M member, India)
    Soheila Vahdati (activist, Iran)

    Most of the time, the religious scriptures have men as prophets and through them the God reveal the messages. Also, the revelations pertained to issues of that particular time period.

    What if today the God were to reveal or talk through women? Of course, the revelations would not be the same. Besides, it will be from the female perspective. Also, there will be one hundred different revelations in one book!

    The physical power was (and still is to quite an extent) the basis of overall control. The men, i.e., the male—and that also, few of them—exerted power and so the God was, and still is, on the side of the men and thus the laws enacted in the name of God has mostly been discriminatory to women.

    I hope the content of this book would inspire, encourage, and embolden other women to fight back religious, sexual, racial, social, economic, political, and caste and class based discrimination.

    It would be an honor if you would agree to be a part of this project. Your contribution will be highly appreciated.

    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Take care.
    Yours sincerely,

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  8. Salimah Valiani

    Hi there Christina,
    Thanks for writing and sorry for the delay in replying. My postal address is 95 Oakwood Avenue, Toronto, M6H 2V9. My email address is well_13905@yahoo.com
    I look forward to seeing SPE Issue 84. Salimah Valiani

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  12. Hi Salimah,

    We’ve not been in touch for probably about 15 years or so . . . I currently reside in California as an English professor, and am taking a sabbatical to work on my memoir. I was delighted to look you up on the net and see the wonderful, important work you’ve been up to. You were always an inspiration to me! Enjoyed your interview on YouTube (very informative), and look forward to getting a copy of your poetry book.

    Geneffa (formerly “Popatia” now Jonker)

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