To a Unique Woman of the Western World

Rarely home

Lights often dim

She’s now sold her car

(even harder to keep track of her)

The woman next door

What does she do?


Works long hours

Longer than most in the shop

Who knows what work she is


When exactly she leaves

A hardy worker

Applies herself well

Does innovative things

Which take longer to do

(but then, she must have the time)


The woman next door

Wears a ring on her finger some days

Doesn’t on other days

Wears yet another ring on it

other days

Feeds herself

Keeps her own house

Pays the bills alone

While earning less than the male worker in her field


The woman next door

Is a single woman

Single women

Who knows what they do

from Letter Out : Letter In (Inanna Publications: 2009)


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