In Celebration of Strength

‘It is to the point

Where I am not allowed to

Pick-up a basket or use a cart

At the grocery store

(too many peoples’ germs have made contact)

I can only buy

The things I am able

To carry in my hands (and arms).


The other day at the store

My hands and arms were full

And we desperately needed

Some toilet paper at home

So I put the package of toilet rolls between my legs

And made my way to the cash register.

People must’ve thought I’d gone crazy

How could I explain to them

That it wasn’t me

But my wife who’s gone crazy

Crazy with worry

Now that I’ve been diagnosed with colon cancer.’

 For Sadru Teja, Yasmin Teja, Jack Layton and Olivia Chow.

 August 2011

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