On Serving the Public






At Jarvis and Carlton

Going west

7:50 am


People are hot

Tired of standing

(Not unlike any other major city

where public transport is underfunded

though in high demand)

A younger man who got on later

Grabs a newly-freed seat

And a slightly less young man

who got on earlier says

Thank you, really

The younger man springs up

says FINE, take the fucking seat

The street car door opens

An elderly man gets off

Muttering loud enough to hear

Now Now Boys.

I look out the window

as a cockroach crawls the frame

(another witness)

A trim young woman

in white fine-lined dress

with just a touch of colour,

thick brunette bob

tucked around the ear

Catches my eye and

Keeps it.

(Just can’t count how many times TTC drivers have thanked me for smiling)

With love to all drivers of the Toronto Transit Commission.

August 2011

One response to “On Serving the Public

  1. This is a wonderful snapshot of the reality of public transit for we workers being herded to and from our daily work shifts.

    Even here, there’s a beauty among us as we sit together.

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