from LETTER OUT : LETTER IN (Inanna:2009)







Afrofest, Toronto

In Queen’s Park that day

A Togolese band sang the stage

and ended the show

with a Togolese cheer

Which is also a female Bedouin cry

of passion and collective resistance 

A Chilean man swirled his partner

to the Togolese tunes:

Chilean swirl turning Togolese in Toronto

A Jamaican man danced

on the grassy-dirt-dance floor

and returned to the Continent after centuries

Two East Africans and a Canadian

became South African and Central African

through beers and headbeats

And a mellow young WASP[1]

tasted the world in his toes

as he watched-on

tapping his foot


Thanksgiving, 2046

— To Wong Kar Wai

On special days

like Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve

People who are alone

(and can afford it)

Go out to the cinema

To be alone together.


For the Cape Town Train Station, 2005

at the Apartheid Museum

the only way for visitors to leave the place

Is from a traditional Apartheid train station

Regardless of who they came with 

Or where they are going

 ‘African’ visitors must take the ‘African’ train

‘Coloured’ vistors must take the ‘Coloured’ train

‘Indian’ vistors must take the ‘Indian’ train

and ‘White’ visitors must take the ‘White’ train.

[1] White Ango Saxon Protestant’ in the Canadian dialect of English.

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