Billie Jean








it is the eternity of the rhythm

not the baseline


it is the warmth in the voice

not the sound of the voice


it is understanding

not knowing the language


it is the mood of the room

not the lighting of the room


it is the vibe of a crowd

not the size of a crowd


it is the chance of a moment

not whether it lasts


it is the sense of things

not things themselves.


―in memory of Michael Jackson

      dazzling, tragic

embodiment of the American Dream


by Salimah Valiani, forthcoming in Letter Out : Letter In (Inanna Publications: 2009)

3 responses to “Billie Jean

  1. Thanks for the wonderful poem of the imperfect man who gave us his perfect musical gift.

  2. It was a tribute to a man who was so enormously talented, a man who brought all peoples of all colours together..a man who was sullied by American greed and false accusations because he was so gifted, eccentric and tragically alone save for his beautiful children. He was the man in the mirror who was forced to grow up at ten…which is why he loved Peter Pan…too much, too soon, gone too soon…his legacy is forever..a truly beautiful person filled with so much humanity.

  3. well said…he gave a good account of himself despite all…

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