To be read orally on Valentine’s Day

gfmd-049Mango Seed

sucking me in

I want you

in my teeth

licking my gums

wrapping my tongue

Juices sticking

to the rim of my chin

And your core



into my lips


When you were whole

Pulpy fruit wrapped

in smart and safe skin

I caught sight of you

in a pile of many

and reached for you

Taking you in my palm

I studied your coverings

Oranges and reds

splotched with brown

Hints of green

Hopefully, I smelt you:

an almost ripe sweetness

I carried you home

And waited

To slice-in.



I tasted you

incisors sinking-in



my throat swallowing

parts of you

Your stringy fibers

sticking in

joints between my teeth.

Where am I now?

Do I pick these fibers out

fatefully savouring them

with tips of bicuspids

and swallow them farewell

Or do I leave them be

and make my way through

the rest of your flesh

To arrive at your seed,

to arrive at your core

with only lips

and remnants of flesh


in between us


from breathing for breadth (TSAR Publications: 2005, pp. 85, 86)

*photo by Salimah Valiani


3 responses to “To be read orally on Valentine’s Day

  1. Sali Sali Sali. This poem could lend someone in a lot of pleasurable trouble 🙂

    This poem leaves me with QUITE an appetite 🙂

  2. Wow! I can only imagine what a raucous response performing this one gets!

    Thanks for sharing! Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  3. Hmm……..this fits just perfect for the season. alittle over stretch and love would surely last all year round.

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