Dedicated to world neglect of state violence in Sri Lanka

cell3-2034silence (II)



like the still silence

of all movement frozen

by a young child straining to hear

its parents arguing

in the near distance



like the drumming silence

of a mystic chanting herself

into a trance



like the filling silence

of a cave in the foot of a tree

whose top the sky can’t see



like the instant silence

of a flock of birds whose Northern summer

is swept aside swiftly

like the air by their wings

for another Northern winter



like the active silence

of a boy catching sight of a bursting bud of jasmine,

drifting himself in between the slowly parting petals

and intensely scenting a tuft of air



like the steady silence

of cars and four-wheel drives

jammed in city traffic at 6 o’clock am



like the blustery silence

of winter snow

upon autumn winds



like the earthy silence

of someone bowing in prayer

upon a mat of ground



like the rapping silence

of voices inside

a schizophrenic’s mind




In the art of mathematics

equations can be created

so that the extremes of one set

are the beginnings of another


As well there are realms

where sound becomes silence

and silence takes-on forms

These realms,


only if we recognize

the possibly moving but

positively minuscule

span of our bones

within the infinite

immensity of things.


from breathing for breadth (TSAR: 2005, pp. 112-113).

*photo by Salimah Valiani




2 responses to “Dedicated to world neglect of state violence in Sri Lanka

  1. Silence resulting from deep contemplation and appreciation for your poetry.

  2. This is a wonderful poem dedicated to a story that needs to be freed from the silence surrounding it.

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