Challenge to Obama

For Afghanistan, 2001



is a clock

whose time tells horror

whose alarm rings oblivion

We can’t undo time

We can stop the ringing.


Circumstantial evidence

upon circumstantial evidence

does not make Intelligence

Military might without Intelligence

flies smart bombs without direction.


A 1000 pound bomb

explodes the heaviness of shame

The heaviness of land mines lost over 20 years of time

The heaviness of herds of livestock once an economy

pasting the hills with bones

The heaviness of plastic tents

bursting when

the -20C air blows


A mother or a father

did not lose four children

because of the war today

The world is losing its families,

We are losing ourselves


Heights of wacky, civilized war-calls

Rocky caves of wacky, holy war-calls

Pits of cut-off hands, blasted limbs, our muted minds

We can’t kill a beast which is already dead

We can bring back to life collective responsibility

the heartbeat of human dignity.


from breathing for breadth (TSAR: 2005, p. 60)



One response to “Challenge to Obama

  1. This is a vivid envisioning of an insane horror, and your portrayal inspires acting toward helping to end it.

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