Untitled Poem


Bicycles blowing the market

Blustering production beefing-up bodies of cyclers

Blustering production wearing bodies of nimble-fingered bicycle-makers

Bicycles burning rubber

Bicycles better than cars for the bleeding environment

Bicycles basking in blue skies where they’re bought in bulk

Bicycles burning in bracing heat where they’re built

Bicycles eclipsing motorized vehicles (even public buses) when the hip word is

Bike Don’t Drive

Bicycles blown-off for nothing when the Northern winter comes

Bicycles sold too high all year ’round for most in the South

Bicycles bony or bicycles bulky depending on who is doing the buying

Bicycle bodies and bicycle bones born and pillaged in a fluctuating commodity world

Bicycles brilliantly red and glistening green shimmering down neatly-paved streets,

bubbling and scorching along assembly lines

Bicycles that are crushed in streets too full of cars

Bicycles continually churned-out, crushing the knuckles of bicycle-builders

Bicycles destroying and bicycles destroyed

But bicycles, bicycles, bicycles nevertheless


from breathing for breadth

(TSAR: 2005, p. 10)

*photo by Salimah Valiani


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